Self-empowered woman, not afraid to be stand in her truth and integrity. The  In The Rising Podcast

You are authentic & empowered, get that "you" out

You are authentic & empowered, get that "you" out

You are authentic & empowered, get that "you" outYou are authentic & empowered, get that "you" outYou are authentic & empowered, get that "you" out

Show the world the power of your self-worth 

In The Rising Podcast was featured in the March issue of Podcast Magazine with Katie Couric on cover


Have you ever felt that you had the life you were supposed to have, and yet still felt...not fully satisfied? Do you feel guilty about not being happier?

Are you feeling out of sync with your purpose? So often, the last person we invest in the most is ourselves, and that is what this podcast addresses every week.

Podcast Shows

Interview with Connie Part 1

Interview with Connie Part 1

Interview with Connie Part 1

Bettina Brown from In the Rising Podcast and Vent time with Connie discuss money|marriage|self-love


I had the honor of having a conversation with a wonderful woman named Connie one Saturday morning.

We talked and recorded a conversation about what what money does and should mean in marriage.  We shared our thoughts on the subject, and even admitted our fears and attitudes.

What were they?  Take a listen to find out! 

Dare to Dream NO matter What

Interview with Connie Part 1

Interview with Connie Part 1

In the Rising Podcast| Bettina Brown| Dare to Dream and to know you are worth following your dream

Dare to Dream. No matter what. 

 Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the  last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of  circumstances, to choose one’s own way. -Viktor Frankl

Our circumstances may not appear ideal, but that doesn't have anything to do with our need to follow through.

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Interview with Connie Part 2

Interview with Connie Part 1

Interview with Connie Part 2

Podcast with Vent time with Connie and Bettina Brown from In the Rising Podcast about money

Part one was just part of the story. We recorded our conversation and continued our thoughts about money and marriage. 

Listen to the stirring finale to this conversation here.

Interview with Connie Part 2

Positive podcast focusing on empowering yourself and increasing your mindset to fulfill your dreams
Empowering| encouraging women to be themselves| positivity and podcast| In the Rising of YOU
Encouraging Podcast| Bettina Brown In the Rising| Off the Charts from Podcast Magazine

In the Rising Podcast: Why Listen?

Renewing the story you tell yourself about your worth and the importance of your passion is critical

Mindset is important...

Straight talk about mindset- It is just as important to know WHO is setting your mind, as WHAT is in your mind. 

Have you done all the "right things" and still feel unfulfilled with the status quo of your life? It is time to grow and change now with more confidence, courage and a strong sense of self!  

This episode highlights mindset as well as general health.


Begin the process of learning about yourself and appreciating your gifts and strengths.

To Begin... starting over... changing it up a bit...

 Life is full of opportunities, and my perception of what those opportunities are can truly change a life.  

Remaining committed to being your best self is the best gift to yourself and others.  

That, and a nice cup of tea ;)

The sign to start living the life you deserve is right here. Self improvement, self love, love life

How many signs do we really need?

 There can be so many obstacles between where we are and where we want to be.  More than 900 MILLION people feel unsatisfied with their work. How many feel that way about their health, relationships, etc. 

Being aware that perfection is not the goal, but intention of a great life is, makes a great difference. This episode discusses intention and purpose.

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